High Flying Alignment

“Allow yourself to be the happiest you’ve ever been”

Lucy Francis

‘We are all Body, Mind and Soul; the latter for many can be forgotten, neglected or misunderstood. Yet it is an integral part of what makes us who we are regardless of faith, beliefs or any other denominators. At High Flying Alignment we focus on your Soul Connection providing powerful guidance, teachings and understanding, transformative healing and clarity on a leading edge platform. Our intention is to help you to bring your whole self into alignment so that you can truly live your best life’.

Founder Lucy Francis

** Huge love and healing vibes to you all through this time. We have created a free online group for you all, a high vibe, leading edge sanctuary to help keep help you in alignment.

Only Distance Signature Sessions available until further notice. We look forward to seeing you on screen **

Join our NEW FREE online community High Flying Alignment

‘Our members have said already ‘this is what I have been waiting for!’, ‘I’ve slept better than I have in a long time’, ‘Lucy’s high vibe and beautiful energy is inspiring, I am loving her classes and meditations’, ‘I love your group, thank you’, ‘I played the ReikiMedi for my daughter who relaxed for the first time in a long time and slept really well too’… There are literally hundreds of comments from our members expressing their joy, love and appreciation for this space that has been created to help you access the never ended stream of wellbeing available to all of us. Sometimes we need guidance and support to help us ‘plug in’ to it.

We have such incredible high vibe, beautiful souls in our online group, High Flying Alignment with Lucy. Free to join and include a high vibe group forum, meditations, inspiration, leading edge development and connection. During this period all classes and workshops are completely free too, and going forward will continue to be offered at a VIP rate to all members! There is so much happening LIVE. here is never a better time to join than as you are reading this now.

In High Flying Alignment with Lucy, we are all embracing our expansion as we provide upliftment and support for one another. So many are appreciating and sharing this space. So many light workers are contributing to the group. So many are continuing to share the goodness with their own communities; a ripple effect of vibration in alignment. We are all helping one another to SHINE.

I believe it’s important at this time more than ever to have a supportive space, free from negativity, to help you to uplift your own vibration. Our group is providing a Divine sanctuary to help us replenish and grow, so that we can keep some balance and soul nourishment in our lives. This is truly a blessing and you are welcome anytime to join; this online space is free, it’s amazing and it is powerful. Stay safe, be kind, find appreciation’ Lucy xx

‘What we learn today helps shape who we are tomorrow’

Our Classes

The studio runs regular workshops, classes and day retreats, where all are welcome. * Updated classes & workshop dates coming soon *

High Flying Alignment Day Retreat: Signature Healing Day with Master Teacher & Spiritual Translator Lucy Francis.

Auckland Dates: April 5th, June 7th & August 16th.

‘What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling- every single time’

Abraham Hicks


Classes & Workshops
Leading Edge Teachers, Speakers & Mentors : Classes in Meditation & Connection, Getting into Alignment, Mind:Set, Breath Work, Energy Healing, Soul Discovery and more.


Private sessions & Attunements
Private sessions working with Lucy include world first techniques to raise your vibration, remove blocks & provide clarity; deeply transformational work.

Reiki Attunements- Lucy Francis International School of Reiki, New Zealand’s most successful school of Reiki.


Retreats & Day Retreats
From day retreats to local weekend retreats to further afield bespoke guided trips, High Flying Alignment provide the best in relaxation, development and inspiration.

‘You are unique, magnificent, beautiful and precious. When you allow yourself to start being who you really are, you start allowing in what you really want’.

Lucy Francis