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I’ll help you heal, remove energetic blocks holding you back and use my wealth of experience and knowledge to help you confidently live your best life. As well as private sessions, I teach classes and workshops, I am the founder of The Lucy Francis International School of Reiki and co-run retreats. 



Current workshops and classes: 

Angels Everyday- SOLD OUT

(please contact us to add to wait list at


Past Life- next event Friday May 24th,  Doors open at 645pm, 7-10pm.

ReikiMedi- Date TBC. Our last event Friday May 3rd, full details:


The Lucy Francis international school of Reiki- Attune to and learn Reiki at New Zealand’s most successful Reiki School.

Lucy Francis is an experienced and intuitive Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master Teacher who provides the much needed ongoing support and training that enriches our students Reiki journey and sets apart our Practitioners and Masters as leading edge Energy Healers.

Together we have cultivated a thriving Reiki Community with students across the globe. We enjoy access to a private online group, regular free Reiki Shares and Distance Reiki Shares.

Reiki is truly a blessing and a gift that has helped transform and enrich so many lives across our school and that of our students own communities, family and friends. Your journey starts with a simple, one day course. Everything is fully explained and a comprehensive manual is supplied. *Dates below are in Auckland, with UK and Aus to be announced.

The Lucy Francis International School latest dates:

Next Reiki One First Degree – 23rd June


Next Reiki Two- Practioner Sunday June 2nd:

*one space left!*, full details click below


Masters- By Application Only.
Next Masters Weekend June 2019- FULLY BOOKED.

Spaces available for July. Please visit us at the contact page to apply.

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Past Life


Past Life Workshop

24th May Howick,  Auckland 

BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE. Limited spaces.

Discovering more about your souls journey gives you a deeper understanding into your own true self. Heal the Past Life most greatly impacting YOU right now.

3 Hour Workshop in Howick, Auckland.

Past Life Energy can affect so many parts of your life including:

* Fears and Phobias
* Relationships
* Trust issues
* Confidence
* Sexual confidence
* Moods and Feelings
* Emotional stress
* Behavioral Patterns
* Negative belief systems

Client Testimonial for Past Life with International Reiki Master Lucy Francis ‘Probably one of the most profound healing moments of my life. It cleared an ongoing, deep rooted event I have been carrying for many, many years in this lifetime and now I understand to be from previous lifetimes too. This was a totally new experience for me and I went with an open mind which was totally blown! I have recommended Past Life to all my friends, just go. We all need that clearing and connection. And Lucy explains it all to newbies and advanced.’

JS, Auckland




Drum roll…. We launched our upcoming FOURTH Retreat at our event in Parnell, Auckland recently, and it was SO well received, hence only a handful of spots left! Join Lucy Francis and Melissa Mills for the groundbreaking Unearthing the Spirit Within Retreat held in the tropical paradise of Rarotonga, The Cook Islands….

Unearthing the Spirit Within

International Retreat

October 20-25th 2019

Applications NOW open

Apply HERE for full details. See you on the beach Soul Sisters 😍💖🙏🌴✨


Angels Everyday- Certified Course

A Modern Course in Connection

Angels Everyday- A Modern Course in Connection
This certified course will enable you to learn how to work with Angels in your everyday life. Discover the meanings, teachings and energy of your Angels. Work with your Angels and Archangels to fulfil your passions, open doors and heal your life.
Our Angels exist among us and guide us everyday. Learn how to listen and connect to uplift your life and allow it to flow with love, ease and grace.
This course helps and assists you with:
Inner voice
Higher Power
Self Love
Soul Path
and your Life Mission
You do not need any prior experience or knowledge, this comprehensive course with manual, explains and guides you with everything you need to know to start working with your Angels today.
Certificate of Completion will be presented at the end. ++ If you feel drawn to you will be invited to attend the next level Mastering Your Angels: Practioners Course if you would like to use Certified Angelic Healing in your Practice++
About Lucy Francis
Spiritual Educator, Reiki Master Teacher
‘In all of my Healing Work, Spiritual Practices and Workshops to my own daily life; it has all been infused with Connection with Angels. From being myself a true skeptic brought up by a my beautiful Reiki Master Mother, to forging my own powerful journey with Angels, I have seen all sides of the fence! The reality is that we all have the ability to tap into the wealth of Angelic Energy and use this to uplift our lives.
This modern course I have created shows EVERYONE how to connect and work with Angels even if you have never tried before. Or if you are already getting to know your Angels, how you can take this to a whole new level to really enhance your connection and ability.
I believe this more accessible and modern approach to an energy from the beginning of time will allow you to see what a vast difference connecting to your Angels will bring. I am a successful teacher of Spiritual Practices who makes healing your life accessible to all, wherever you are on your journey. If something in your life needs uplifting, an open mind and approach will get you there.’
All course materials, manual and certificate provided $79.
We enjoy a delicious morning tea platter, water and herbal teas (please bring own lunch).
Book your course at
One day course 9:30 – 2pm. Howick, Auckland
Dates Available:
January Sunday 20th – FULL
February Wednesday 20th- FULL
March Thursday 21st – FULL
*Email your interest to be added to wait-list for next workshops at


Regular workshop at our brand new Meditation Studio in Howick, Auckland

This event is for those ready to allow themselves to heal. If you’ve energy to shift, blocks to remove and would like to experience the power of Reiki Healing, Guided Meditation and Channelled Messaging in a small group, bring your cushion, yourselves and prepare to step into YOUR true, new energy.

Whatever energy is coming up for you at the moment. Whatever blocks need healing in your life right now, ReikiMedi is a powerful and effective way to bring you the healing and insight you deserve.

Our groundbreaking first class in August was not only a sell out success, but it has brought about the most incredible changes and gifts to our groups lives. One lady told me it had healed a block/ issue she had been carrying for over 27 years!! And another rang me to say that she feels this has been the biggest kick up the bum she’s had in a long time! The feedback from everyone has just been phenomenal and I am so passionate about it that I want as many to benefit as possible.

A message from Lucy
‘I’m so excited to bring you this opportunity. I know many of you wanted me to do an event like this for a long time. During my retreats I co-host for women and the many workshops I have run, I have been blessed to share my gifts in a group setting. The power and energy of a group is amazing and it always brings about radical transformation. We step up, we rise and we inspire. I encourage those that want to share their story or wisdom to do so, and respect the need for privacy from those who just want to absorb and enjoy the energy of the group.

ReikiMedi is a combination of my Group Work, Reiki, Channeling and also Energy Modalities and Practices that I have developed from working with so many one on one clients over the years. It brings healing, clarity, relaxation, energy clearing, alignment, connection and nourishes and replenishes you; body, mind and soul.’

This promises to be another exciting and insightful session. It is suitable to those who are new to these practices/ to healing, as well as those who are advanced. All are welcome, will benefit and grow, wherever you are in your journey.

Spaces to ReikiMedi are very limited. The investment to this three hour ReikiMedi session is just $70.

Venue: Howick at my brand new Healing and Meditation Studio

Bring: Cushion, journal, water bottle.

If you feel this is your time…

Book your space now at

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