High Flying Alignment

‘We are all Body, Mind and Soul; the latter for many can be forgotten, neglected or misunderstood. Yet our Soul is an integral part of what makes us who we are. At High Flying Alignment we focus on your Soul Connection. We provide powerful guidance, teachings, inspiration, transformative healing and clarity on a leading edge online platform. Our intention is to help you to bring your Whole self into Vibrational Alignment, so that you can live the incredible life that you came here for’.





helps shape who we are tomorrow’


Founder Lucy Francis

High Flying Alignment Monthly Online Membership

Each month you will gain access to incredible new leading edge content, to support your desire to live life High Flying Alignment.


‘What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling- every single time’

Abraham Hicks


High Flying Alignment Online Membership
Leading Edge Online Monthly Membership: Classes and Workshops in Meditation & Connection, Vibration, Energy Work, Soul Alignment. High vibrational content to support, inspire and uplift your life.


Online Signature Sessions & Attunements
Private online sessions working with Lucy include world first techniques to raise your vibration, remove blocks & provide clarity; deeply transformational work with the Online Signature Sessions.

Reiki Attunements at all Levels- At the Lucy Francis International School of Reiki; New Zealand’s most successful School of Reiki.


Retreats & Day Retreats
From day retreats to local weekend retreats to further afield bespoke guided trips, High Flying Alignment provide the best in relaxation, development and inspiration.

‘You are unique, magnificent, beautiful and precious. When you allow yourself to start being who you really are, you start allowing in what you really want’.

Lucy Francis