High Flying Alignment Monthly Membership

Incredible leading edge content to support your desire to live life in High Flying Alignment. #AllowMore 

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Our High Flyer Tier is full monthly online access to:

Monthly Expansion Workshop
– Incredible opportunities to learn & develop new skills.  These sessions will be voted for by our members, who drive all the content provided in High Flying Alignment. We may focus on popular subjects like self energy healing, expanding you intuition, breath work, chakra balancing, understanding energy and vibration. The opportunities, like ourselves, are limitless #AllowMore

One brand new L.O.A Workshop each month
-the latest Law of Attraction concepts, powerful processes, tools & understanding, tried and tested with real success. You came here for more; learn how to allow the fullness of who you really are to live a life that reflects and delivers your desires. 

Bi-Monthly Live VACE Session
‘VACE: Vibration. Alignment. Connection. 

– to answer your soul led questions. To allow clarity and release resistance. Lucy brings you the highly anticipated powerful Vibrational Translation; her most renowned offering to help you to help yourself to your Alignment. Allow your soul to lead the way in a session of resonance and leading edge discovery. 
(Session recorded live: available on replay)

The Focus Session
– the deep dive into our monthly focus. Powerful processes,tools, tips and insights to help inspire you to Align with our Monthly group focus. Many ‘golden nuggets’ that resonate at a core level, helping you to shift into your higher vibrations. 

Three High Flying Alignment Guided Meditations 
High vibe Guided Meditations to support your Alignment & help you to release resistance. Includes our Signature Energy Release Meditation to help you shift into a Higher Vibration, a valuable energy healing tool.

Audio Connection Session
#AllowMore We are body, mind & SOUL; these sessions provide and opportunity for you to deepen your Connection offering healing, astral travel and guidance opportunities. 

Monthly Mantra & Affirmation Digital Art
Resonating with our HFA Monthly Focus to support your Meditation Practice. Available to download to print, share or save as a digital wallpaper/ phone screensaver; a powerful reminder and daily anchor.

Bonus Content:

– access to our exclusive Patreon private facebook group; ‘High Flying Alignment presents: #AllowMore’ to celebrate community, shine your Light and expand and create together. 
– access to our ever growing library of meditations plus all previous membership content

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