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Soul Attuned Crystal

A world first, ‘Soul Attuned Crystals’ have been created by Lucy Francis with a unique crystal attunement method that is unique to your soul. An intuitively selected palm stone or pendant crystal is personally attuned for you by International Reiki Master Lucy Francis. Our Soul Attuned Crystals are charged using the unique attunement method and work with you to unlock deep healing within. Every Soul Attuned Crystal is eco gift wrapped and includes a handwritten Guided Message and clear instructions for use and care. (Shipping included)

$47 NZD

Reiki Energy Healing Session with Reiki Master Lucy Francis

Your session allows a space for you to heal body, mind and soul and energetically shift any blocks that are not serving you. Includes Chakra (Energy) Alignment. Please allow one hour for your appointment.


Whole New You Package

An extended Soul Session with Reiki Master Teacher Lucy Francis to bring in new energy to your life. To help you release the blocks holding you back. To deeply soothe you; body, mind and soul. This is a Whole New You.

Your powerful one and a half hour session includes:

+ Reiki Energy Healing

+ Chakra (Energy) Alignment

+ Guided Channeled Meditation

+ Powerful Reiki Manifestation Element

+ Soul Attuned Crystal worth $47

+ Consultation and Debrief

+ Reiki Water during your session and Complimentary Organic Herbal Fruit Tea

One hour and thirty minute appointment.


Trifecta of Reiki Healing Package: Three x 1 Hour Reiki Energy Healing Sessions over three consecutive days or over three consecutive weeks, for a powerful shift into new alignment. The Trifecta is for deep healing and releasing. These three sessions allow us explore all the elements of your healing and provide you with the space to go deep into your healing journey. Perfect for when you are ready for a huge shift in your energy and vibration. Three one hour appointments.

$600. *Current Offer for the Trifecta: $500. Enter the code: SAVE 100 at checkout *

Reiki Distance Healing: Your Reiki Energy Healing Session available world wide. Convenient and as effective as a face to face/ direct healing appointment at the Home Clinic. Using client supplied photographs, Skype or Video Messenging. One hour appointment.


Reiki Energy Clearing- Business or Home: For your business; including dotcom businesses, to energetically shift blocks on your earning power, attraction of clients and future growth. For your home; improving sleep and living quality for you and the whole family. Both contain a Personalised Crystal Placement Plan. Available world wide, via Distance Reiki. Prices from one hour at


Reiki for Animals: Your pets or livestock benefit from Reiki, conducted via Distance Healing, as much as their human owners. Reiki can help them with pain, the stress of new surroundings or travel,  and also the introduction of new pets and family members. Reiki helps our animals with behavioral issues and anxiety and when the time comes, to transition from this world. Animals need a much shorter Reiki session too, they ‘absorb’ Reiki like sponges. Owners are to supply any relevant information by email ( prior to the appointment. Available world wide. Thirty minute session and either telephone or email debrief with owner.


Gift Cards: Gift Cards available in various denominations.

Staff/ Team/ Group Wellbeing Workshops are available to your requirements. Every workshop is tailored to your requirements and produces tangible results for everyone involved. Sessions available across the world via conference call/ zoom/ Skype/ Video Messenger.
Prices from $280 NZD

Wellbeing Workshop Client Testimonial

‘Lucy recently ran an Online Wellbeing Workshop for myself and my staff. I have had Reiki from Lucy before, which I have really benefitted from and enjoyed. It has helped me to relax and let go of a lot of frustrating repeating patterns of self doubt that I feel have held me back in my buisness and in my life. I decided to book this workshop to help my staff too, as I am interested in their wellbeing and helping them as much as I can. They were a little hesitant at first as none of them have experienced Reiki before, but they soon relaxed when Lucy explained everything to them and she answered everyone’s questions. Everyone had agreed to keep an open mind but they all said afterwards that they felt comfortable with the content of the course and that nothing pushed them out of their comfort zone. We all enjoyed the meditation and so we have decided to incorporate some into our working day now, three times a week as a team!

Lucy then did Reiki on us all as a team and everyone was astounded that it was so powerful. I have noticed a huge difference in everyone over the past couple of weeks. Communication has improved, which has removed many of the problems we were facing together. Everyone is much happier and more balanced. The whole dynamics have changed for the better too. One team member has told me it has helped him in his personal life too and that his family are so pleased.

It was great to see how much this helped everyone and ultimately it has improved our working relationships and made our team stronger. They have already requested another workshop with Lucy as our next Team Wellbeing event and I will happily arrange this as it is definitely worth the time and investment and has given us all real results. Thank you Lucy, from everyone here. You are an amazing lady.’

For more information on any services, please get in touch with us via our Contact Page.

All prices in New Zealand Dollars. Payment via Debit Card, Credit Card and PayPal available.

Medical diagnosis will not be supplied and you are advised to always consult your Medical Practitioner for diagnosis. Any guidance supplied is done so with the understanding that you use your best judgement, for the benefit of your highest good, for yourself and others.

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