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Signature Sessions exclusively available Online, Worldwide, from Vibrational Translator and Energy Master Teacher Healer Lucy Francis.

  • When you reach a point, a crossroads; you just KNOW that there IS more to life and you need help to GET there, to #AllowMore
  • When you feel stuck, unsure and you’ve lost your mojo. You are experiencing rollercoaster emotions and often a low vibrational energy
  • You feel held back by the past, your mindset, old energy or energy not serving you. You give so much to others and feel depleted yourself.
  • You want to shine your Light, hold a space for YOU and thrive, not just survive. Blocks that need to be released are holding you back.

These are the common reasons so many people find themselves drawn to working with Lucy. Her years of experience, her expertise, her nurturing and empowering nature, impeccable reputation and own High vibration have seen thousands of clients, students and members benefit from working with Lucy.

Private online Signature Sessions with Lucy are tailored individually and include High vibrational energy healing, guidance and Vibrational translation, available worldwide.

Release resistance, energy not serving you, shift into your Higher vibration, find your Alignment, we all deserve to live life in High Flying Alignment.

Deeply transformational, powerfully healing and high vibrational, book your unique and personal Signature Session with renowned Master Teacher Guide Lucy Francis.

Your time is now.

High Flying Alignment: The Signature Session

There are many reasons that motivate us to seek outside guidance and support to help us in our lives. We benefit most from attracting the highest vibration available to us and to allow ourselves opportunities that enrich and transform on a multitude of levels. With one of today’s highest vibrational healers and translators of vibration and energy, this limitless manifestation will serve you for your highest good.

Your Signature Session is available when you are ready to release, heal and shift into higher vibration. Joy, love, empowerment, abundance, happiness and peace are your natural, aligned state. The intention for this work is to assist you in reaching your natural state of high flying alignment and to provide you with knowledge, healing, guidance and clarity to help you maintain it.

If this resonates with you book your two and a half hour deep dive Signature Session via private email at subject line: Signature Session

Price $333 NZD

Preparation guidelines provided upon booking.

Priority booking given in exceptional circumstances. Wait list time applies. Thank you for your understanding.

Client Testimonials

‘Thank you for being so gentle and kind. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Thank you for guiding me to empower myself. Thank you for helping me to see my light.’ DH, Auckland

‘If I had of known just how much this would change my life and release me from where I was- I would of booked my signature session a long time ago. I have never felt more confident. I am me for the first time.’ JB, NZ

‘Lucy is at the top of her game yet seems to continually reach higher and deliver more every time I work with her. I reccomend her to all my girlfriends and we all rave about her! My life has changed for the better and best since I met her’ Auckland High Flying Client

‘I was a complete newbie to all things vibration and energy…Lucy has guided me to feeling amazing with such professionalism and warmth. She is mesmerising, powerful, gentle and an inspirational teacher and healer’. Sydney High Flying Client

‘I’m still in awe of what came up in my session last week and how you read my soul. It has helped me to change so much in my life and in me. I now feel light and clear headed. It’s been a long time since I felt this good. I thank you a million times over!’. NZ High Flying Client

‘I had no hesitations in booking with Lucy. The main benefit to my session has been the better clarity I feel, expanding my knowledge of energy and healing and realising the importance for me in grounding properly. Lucy made me feel supported and safe. I am enjoying feeling more relaxed and positive. I love that Lucy is building a community of like minded people. I would absolutely recommend Lucy’ NZ High Flying Client

‘It was great to see how much this helped everyone and ultimately it has improved our working relationships and made our team stronger. They have already requested another workshop with Lucy as our next Team Wellbeing event and I will happily arrange this as it is definitely worth the time and investment and has given us all real results. Thank you Lucy, from everyone here. You are an amazing lady.’ Auckland High Flying Team

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All prices in New Zealand Dollars.

Payment via Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and PayPal.

Medical diagnosis or advice will not be supplied and you are advised to always consult your Medical Practitioner for diagnosis. Any guidance supplied is done so with the understanding that you use your best judgement, for the benefit of your highest good, for yourself and others.

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